Friday, May 3, 2019

Wow! Big day for Otto!

I've been fantasizing about owning an atmospheric kiln for most of my 63 years. Each time I would look at the plans and count the bricks and multiply that number by the cost of a brick and wham-o that was the end of that idea. I couldn't possibly justify that cost. It is a hobby not a career. I'm sticking with my little cone 6 electric kiln I've been hauling around for 45 years. Then just recently my craigs list search showed up with a catenary arch propane fired kiln for $400. I couldn't believe it. My dream come true. And at a cost I can work with. I know there are some substantial costs coming up during the rebuild....propane tank and connections..replacement bricks..A shed to house the thing. I can deal with those slowly and thoughtfully. I'm retired and I've got time!
 So for the past couple of weeks I have been making trips over to the kilns current location to disassemble and box up . I still have many more trips to make and much to learn. It's yet another science project and I am thrilled to be diving head first into it.